Online Shop Class Update 17 Dec 2015

I am working on completing a client project and this will finish out the month of December. I fully expect to be focused solely on the American Craftsman Shop Class starting in January 2016. 

My next step in setting things up is to get an email sign-up ready. The burden of my client work has not allowed me to finish setting up the email sign-up, or much else for the online school, but keep an eye for the announcement here at my blog. 

This really is the perfect example of why I am quitting as a contractor, there is no time left over to share the knowledge and skills as I would like. My business as a remodeling contractor just consumes too much time to allow for any other pursuits.

I had a nice visit with the guys from the Modern Woodworkers Association and we recorded a podcast. It should be released in the next few days, I think this weekend maybe? Be sure to check for it at the MWA site, we talk about the changes I made and why. 

It is interesting to note that Tom Iovino, from Tom's Workbench, has decided to take leave from the woodworking blogs and the Modern Woodworkers Association podcast due to time constraints. Tom has been a great asset to the woodworking community with his infectious energy and love for the craft and I have enjoyed his posts. 

He is facing the same problem that I am and that so many other content producers have; there is a limited number of hours in the day. Those hours are split between either a job or a business, family, sleep and whatever else has to be done. 

For most, as with Tom, content production is the lowest priority so that is what gets chopped in the time budget. And I fully understand that decision, and really it is the right one. 

For me, as I take inventory of my skills and assets, I feel that I am in a unique position where I can make a living by producing content. To do that, I am leaving the contractor world behind. 

I have to get back out to the shop, I really need to get this client project done. I have already mentally disengaged from the project and I am having trouble staying focused. At this point, the project is nothing more than an obstacle in my way to achieving my goal of creating the ACW Shop Class. 

Wish me luck and visit Tom's Workbench to leave a supportive message for all that he has done. 

Your friend in the shop, 

Todd A. Clippinger

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