Todd A. Clippinger - Designer/Craftsman

Since 1997, Todd has been working as a remodeling contractor, designer, and professional woodworker for residential and commercial clients in several states. 

With his competitive designs and high level of craftsmanship, he has become a juried woodworking artist.  

Todd's work has been seen in fine woodworking museum exhibitions and galleries. His work has also been featured in print and digital magazines. 

Todd's goal is to leave a legacy, not only of projects, but also of people that he has educated and inspired to keep the craft alive. He has written articles for woodworking magazines and continues to educate and inspire others through his online articles and videos. 

Todd currently lives in Salem, Oregon and is an educator in the Salem/Keizer school district working to teach the next generation of craftsmen.

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Inspiration-Design & Construction of a Prairie Chandelier