ACW T-Shirts Have Shipped!

Thank You!

Thanks to all that ordered an ACW T-shirt, I really appreciate your support!

My screen printer could not guarantee printing would be done before Christmas. So when I got the email early in the morning, I made sure I was down at the print shop as soon as they opened to pick them up so I could get them out right away. 

The shirts were shipped out on Thursday, December 22 by USPS flat-rate priority so they should get to you pretty quick.

Another Order In The Future

If you did not get an ACW shirt, but are interested, I will be doing another order of ACW shirts in the future. I have not picked a time yet, it may depend on the amount of interest generated from this order. 

I will also be looking into print on demand services so that they are available to order 24/7 for convenience. I just need to take the time to do that. 

Thanks again for those that ordered, your shirts will be arriving soon!

Your friend in the shop-

Todd A Clippinger

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ACW T-Shirts Have Been Ordered!

The Order Has Been Placed!

Thanks to everyone that ordered the ACW t-shirts! I really appreciate all the support! 

I had to quit taking orders so that I could get my order in to the printer and get things moving. It looks like I will be shipping the shirts out right after Christmas. Everything will be shipped flate-rate priority to get it out fast.

The funny thing about trying to save a little money on shipping is this; by the time I pay for a package and then deal with the various shipping charges, there is not much of a savings and it takes a week or little more to reach it's destination. So I find that the flate-rate ends up working out better. 

If You Didn't Get An Order In...

At this point the order window for ACW shirts is closed. I think after this first order I will see how things go and take a look at the options. I can't really place a big order of shirts on spec hoping that they will sell, that would cost hundreds of dollars and I would be stuck with a lot of inventory. 

I might open the doors to taking orders again for a limited time like I did for this order, or I may get things set up with a print-on-demand service. I have barely looked into that, so I need to do more research. 

I knew that I wanted to get something going and out there, and I just had to move to make it happen. So I stopped into one of the local print/embroidery shops and had a small batch run to see how I liked them and decided to go for it. 

It's Not Just About the ACW...

Not only am I excited to see that people will be wearing the ACW logo, I think I am more excited to see people wearing my favorite motto, "Let Your Work Be Your Signature." 


This motto was shared with me by a master trim carpenter years before I ever heard of the craftsman motto, "To The Best of My Ability" and it has been the single most valuable and influential piece of advice ever shared with me.

That is all for now from the ACW. Stay safe in the shop!

Your friend in the shop-

Todd A. Clippinger

Let Your Work Be Your Signature


ACW Shop Class Update 23 March 2016

At this point I am straight up getting my butt kicked in learning everything to set up for the Shop Class. 

Originally, I had some numbers put together from a couple of businesses that could set things up for me, but it was well out of my budget as it was in the range of buying a really nice used car. As a contractor, I understand the cost of paying someone else to perform the work that we think we can do ourselves, but I also understand everyone has a budget. That is why I don't get a lot of jobs myself. 

One of the long-term benefits of me boot strapping this, is that I learn how to do everything for myself and I will understand the system. While I may end up with a small team in the future to delegate some of the work, I can only afford to do it myself at first. (No doubt I have a business plan.)

It hasn't been just learning the school platform, it is pretty much the fact I have been learning everything that we take for granted when we consume information. There are a lot of different skills and platforms that come into play to effectively share information. So, I am not just starting a new business, I am learning a whole new set of skills. 

I am not striving for perfection, but I am striving for a higher standard. If I am going to ask somebody to exchange money for information, the information has to be good and so does the delivery system. 

One of the biggest hurdles simply has been my own reliability in running all of the equipment. If you look at my latest YouTube videos you will see the level of quality has vastly improved over my older videos. That is because I upgraded from 2 camcorders to recording on 2 DSLR's. They give me greater control to produce a better image, but that also means there is less automation and more manual settings I have to deal with.

Producing the YouTube videos has been extremely important for me to become familiar with the equipment and the video production workflow so that I may function reliably once I kick things off. I know that mistakes may happen along the way, but I need a baseline of reliability. I AM the weakest link...

I also found that with upgrading to the DSLR's, my 5 year old iMac runs a lot more slowly. The great image that comes from the DSLR's also comes with file sizes that are 2.5x larger than the HD camcorders that I was previously using. The computer is stable, it just takes a really long time to process as I edit. So I have a new iMac in the budget as well as external hard drive storage to handle the large volume of data that video files create. 

It is difficult to pin a date on launch since I really am in uncharted waters. I had dates in mind, I have blown those, but I shall just keep pushing forward with only the rough estimation of "coming soon." 

I appreciate your patience and support and hope to see you soon in the American Craftsman Shop Class.

Your friend in the shop - Todd