Guest On Arbor Vitae Podcast

The latest episode of Arbor Vitae Woodworking Podcast has just been released and I had the honor of being the guest. 

Arbor Vitae, Virtue in Woodworking is a relatively newcomer to the podcast arena and it is hosted by Jonathon Conrad and Adam Taylor. They bring a unique perspective to their podcast as they blend their faith with the craft they love.

In this episode I quickly share my background for context, but we talk about so much more: 

-How to define yourself and the importance of it.

-Being part of a community of craftsmen and artists, the importance of it and the impact it has had on me. 

-The role social media has played in my business. 

-The single most important piece of advice I was ever given, which is the principle that I have built my business around. 

-Thoughts on what makes a successful and good design.

-Advice on how to exercise and improve your design skills, including an Arbor Vitae exclusive: some information that I have only shared with guys that I have mentored personally. So this is the first time I am sharing it with the online community:)

-I also share my secret strategy to using social media!

You can listen the episode at the Arbor Vitae website or on iTunes. 

I hope you enjoy.

Your friend in the shop-

Todd A. Clippinger

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