A Visit From Andy Chidwick On The Sawdust Tour

Andy Chidwick is a good friend and fellow furniture maker. He & his family are currently travelling with The Woodworking Shows. As he travels the country, going from show to show, he is stopping to visit woodworkers along the way and recording interviews. He calls this The Sawdust Tour.


Since Andy lives in western Montana, and had to travel due east to Baltimore for the first show, he had to pass through Billings. I was honored to have him make the American Craftsman Workshop his first stop on the Sawdust Tour.

In this video we talk a little bit about my current projects and how I function in the shop. There are some gold nuggets of information on shop workflow and a peek into my life as a pro woodworker.

While Andy does the interviews, is son Tano is acting as videographer. The endeavor is truly a family event.

 Andy will be at The Woodworking Shows giving seminars and demonstrations on woodworking. To see if there is a show near you be sure to check out The Woodworking Show Schedule.


Not only will you be able to see and meet Andy Chidwick, but some other great names in woodworking will be there: Roland Johnson,Jim Heavey, and Bradley McCalister will also be giving seminars. Their names are hotlinks so you can see their profile on The Woodworking Shows site.

Follow Andy on:

FaceBook - Andy Chidwick

Twitter - @chidwicshool


Well, I gotta head back out to the shop to make some sawdust so I can clean it up...you gotta watch the video to get it;)

Your friend in the shop, 

Todd A. Clippinger

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Video Tour of The American Craftsman Workshop

A New Toy

I just got a Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS6 for recording my work. One of the great things about it is that it has a 25mm wide angle lens. This is makes it great for taking pictures of my installed work in small rooms.

I thought that taking photo & video of the shop would be a good test drive for it and a good way to share a tour of the American Craftsman Workshop.

This video was entirely shot with this camera (except for the photos of the camera itself:)

Music: The Forgotten People by ThieveryCorporation

Hope you enjoy the tour.

Todd A. Clippinger
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