How Spring Joint Tension Releases

Have you ever considered how spring joints create tension in a glued up panel? And how that tension might be released if you cut into that panel?

In this video, my good friend Nick Pancheau explains how the tension in his conference table top reacts, as he cuts a long rectangle into it, to install an illuminated light panel. 

We did not figure that the top would move much, but the big concern was that the wood might pinch the blade since we were doing a plunge cut. The biggest issue here would be that the saw might kick up out of the cut and damage the top. 

I know there are other woodworkers that may have had this question in mind, and I thought that it would be a good time to share the information with you, using a live project. 

I hope you find the information in this video helpful in your woodworking journey. 

Thanks to Nick for sharing this project and experience with us!

Your friend in the shop-

Todd A. Clippinger

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