New Woodworking Article By Andy Chidwick

An Intro to Sculpted Furniture

Andy Chidwick, is a great designer-craftsman of sculptural furniture, and a good friend of mine. I like Andy because he is a creative, but more than that, he is a generous woodworker and carries the "Share the Love-Share the Knowledge" attitude. Since January, he has been traveling with the Woodworking Shows, giving seminars to share his sculptural design and furniture making techniques with woodworkers across the U.S. 

Sculptural Works By Andy Chidwick/images provided by Andy Chidwick and used with permission

As if living as a road warrior instructor for 3 months is not enough, he also just wrote a 4 page article which can be found in the most recent issue of Woodworker West. In the article, titled "Intro to Sculpted Furniture"  Andy does a nice job of covering the basic tools & foundation techniques for creating sculpted furniture.  You can read the digital copy of Woodworker West and check out Andy's article starting on page 36. 

Thanks to Woodworker West for permission to use their page images.

Thanks to Woodworker West for permission to use their page images.

Bonus: I Discovered A Great Magazine

After reading Andy's article I started checking out the rest of Woodworker West magazine, and I found that I really like it. Not just Andy's article, but the WHOLE magazine! Until Andy had told me about his latest article, I had never heard of Woodworker West.

Take a look at this issue for Andy's article and be sure to check out the rest of the magazine. It is really a great resource of information, not just for the how-to, but also for show and exhibition listings that you might be interested in seeing or displaying your work in. That information is not really shared in the standard woodworking magazines.

One  more thing that woodworkers may find of particular interest are the special memorial issues covering the passing of Sam Maloof and James Krenov.  These are still available. 

For more information on subscriptions check out Woodworker West subscription information.

I had only intended to share with you Andy's article, but I was so impressed with the magazine I had to share my thoughts on it with you as well.

Until next time - Be safe in your own shop!

Todd A. Clippinger

Share the Love - Share the Knowledge

The Woodworking Shows Visits Columbus, OH

Hey Everybody! I just want to throw out a reminder to all my woodworking friends back in my central Ohio (my old stomping grounds) that The Woodworking Shows will be in Columbus at the Ohio Expo Center starting Friday, March 1 and running through Sunday, March 3.

Be sure to head to the Woodworking Shows to see a great furniture maker, and my good friend, Andy Chidwick. Andy teaches sculpted furniture techniques in Stephensville, Montana and he will be giving seminars at The Woodworking Shows.

Not only does Andy have a great talent for designing and building furniture, he is a skilled teacher when it comes to sharing the knowledge with others. He is truly another “Share the Love~Share the Knowledge” kind of guy.

Andy's work is displayed in various galleries, and most recently, Andy and I both participated in a fine woodworking exhibition at the Museum of the Rockies in Bozeman, Montana. In fact, one of the chairs he had on display at the museum, is on tour with him now and you will be able to see it for yourself. 

So, for all my woodworking friends in central Ohio, be sure to get to the Ohio Expo Center this weekend and say "Hi" to Andy, and catch one of his informative seminars on making sculpted furniture. He is a great guy and willing to share all kinds of woodworking information. 

There are some other great woodworkers and teachers at The Woodworking Shows. Furniture makers and master woodworkers Chuck Bender from Acanthus Workshop and Paul Sellers who founded the New Legacy School of Woodworking. Wood Magazine is represented by editor and instructor Jim Heavey. There are others, but you can check The Woodworking Shows website to see the list. 

Here's the 411:

Location - Ohio Expo Center Voinovich Trade Center

                717 East 17th Ave, Columbus, OH 43211

Dates - Friday, March 1 through Sunday, March 3

Times - Friday 12-6 / Saturday 10-6 / Sunday 10-4 

For more information visit

Until next time - be safe in your own shop!

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Todd A. Clippinger

Share the Love-Share the Knowledge

So You Think You're A Tough Guy?

Good friend and fellow woodworker, Scott Morrison, just showed up in a Gerber Knife commercial (not the baby food company.) 

It is pretty funny to see him portraying the tough guy image. I have had some good laughs with Scott and "badass" is not a term I would use to describe him, that's what is really funny about the whole thing. I would even swear he is trying not to crack a smile while mugging tough for the camera.

It is very cool to see Scott shaping one of his signature rocking chairs which is shown in full view.

A gold nugget lesson here; never underestimate the power of a fleeting image like that. Keep this in mind if you are trying to figure out ways to market yourself. 

Be sure to check out Scott's site and YouTube channel, you will love visiting both. 

Scott's Site:

Scott's YouTube: The Fine Woodworker's Channel

Now, I will fill you in on the real Scott Morrison. I do not have some special exclusive friendship with him, he is a good friend to all that he meets. Be sure to check him out if you have not yet. If you have woodworking questions, especially pertaining to sculpted furniture or want to learn how to build sculpted furniture - Scott's your guy! He's a real American Craftsman with the skills and the "Share the Love~Share the Knowledge" attitude.

Congrats to Scott for getting in on a Gerber Knife commercial!

Your friend in the shop-

Todd A.Clippinger

Share the Love~Share the Knowledge