So You Think You're A Tough Guy?

Good friend and fellow woodworker, Scott Morrison, just showed up in a Gerber Knife commercial (not the baby food company.) 

It is pretty funny to see him portraying the tough guy image. I have had some good laughs with Scott and "badass" is not a term I would use to describe him, that's what is really funny about the whole thing. I would even swear he is trying not to crack a smile while mugging tough for the camera.

It is very cool to see Scott shaping one of his signature rocking chairs which is shown in full view.

A gold nugget lesson here; never underestimate the power of a fleeting image like that. Keep this in mind if you are trying to figure out ways to market yourself. 

Be sure to check out Scott's site and YouTube channel, you will love visiting both. 

Scott's Site:

Scott's YouTube: The Fine Woodworker's Channel

Now, I will fill you in on the real Scott Morrison. I do not have some special exclusive friendship with him, he is a good friend to all that he meets. Be sure to check him out if you have not yet. If you have woodworking questions, especially pertaining to sculpted furniture or want to learn how to build sculpted furniture - Scott's your guy! He's a real American Craftsman with the skills and the "Share the Love~Share the Knowledge" attitude.

Congrats to Scott for getting in on a Gerber Knife commercial!

Your friend in the shop-

Todd A.Clippinger

Share the Love~Share the Knowledge