Check Out The Work of Troy Evans At Walker's Grill

There are a few craftsmen that really inspired me as I worked as a remodeling contractor and crossed over into the realm of designer~craftsman. One of those individuals was Troy Evans from Roundup, MT.

Troy's work and commissions have ended up in both residential and commercial settings. One of the businesses that displays his work is Walker's Grill in downtown Billings. Recently, Walkers closed down to get a facelift in an effort to maintain the class of their fine establishment (it is one of the favorite places for Rita & I to dine at.)

Among the many things that Walkers did for their facelift was to have Troy refinish his previous work, a bar and tapas table. These are spectacular pieces and it was a relief to see they kept them. They also commissioned Troy for another table and art piece to display on the dining room wall. 

The Billings Gazette covered the remodel of Walker's Grill in the embedded news video, and it is a great way to see Troy's work. As you watch the video, pay particular attention to the woodwork and furnishings, both featured and in the background, to see what he brings to the atmosphere of the restaurant.

You can also visit Troy's website,  Blockhorse Design, to see more of his unique and creative vision for furniture and furnishings.


 If you are looking for a place to dine where amazing food and service are complimented by a great environment featuring Troy's work, check out Walker's Grill in downtown Billings, MT. 


Exposure in

A Web Of Connections

You never know the connections that might be made from being in a show, exhibition, or getting published. It seems like it is never is a straight line in arriving to that point nor where you may go from there. It is more like a spider web of connections and interconnections. 

Since being included in the fine woodworking exhibition at the Museum of the Rockies in Bozeman, I have all sorts of emails and contacts that have come my direction. One of them was from the executive editor of It is an online source for articles covering what's cool and happening in the world of art, entertainment, food, and products. In their own words "Thrillist Sifts Through The find the best new spots to eat, drink and shop in your 'hood." 

People travel, and so does the executive editor of Thrillist, who lives in New York City. While visiting his family in Bozeman, MT he stopped in to see the fine woodworking exhibition at the Museum of the Rockies and was impressed enough that he had to give it some exposure in the website.


I am one of the 6 artists shown in the article for my prairie chandelier. The picture included in the article was an image that shows the inspiration, conception, and final project.

Not long after the article was released, a man from Cleveland contacted me because he recognized the stairwell tower, and could not believe that it provided inspiration for such a fine project. He asked if I had contacted the architect that designed the structure, which I have not, I do not even know who the designer is. There certainly is potential to make more valuable contacts if I pursue this.

The Gold Nugget For Today

Here is the gold nugget for woodworkers that ask me "how do you do it?" This whole situation, including how I got in the exhibition, is the result of a series of connections and interconnections being made. It is the reward for a lot of effort and time invested in the shop building projects and then making connections to show people my work. It takes the ability to recongize an opportunity, and it takes effort to take advantage of it.

I will also admit, that it takes a bit of luck in making just the right connections, but that still does not happen without putting forth the effort.

Prairie Chandelier Inspiration.jpg

What's Good For One Is Good For Us All

I thought it was pretty cool not only to be included in the online article, but the fact that the world of fine woodworking and design got a boost from a main-stream source that is not just focused and centered on woodworking, which is usually the case. It helps to spark interest in the art of fine woodworking and keep it alive.

Check out the article at, and also see what else they may have that might interest you. Thanks to the guys at Thrillist for giving the craft of fine woodwork & design the exposure! 

Now it's time to get motivated and get moving out to the shop to build something!

Your friend in the shop,

Todd A. Clippinger

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