Check Out The Work of Troy Evans At Walker's Grill

There are a few craftsmen that really inspired me as I worked as a remodeling contractor and crossed over into the realm of designer~craftsman. One of those individuals was Troy Evans from Roundup, MT.

Troy's work and commissions have ended up in both residential and commercial settings. One of the businesses that displays his work is Walker's Grill in downtown Billings. Recently, Walkers closed down to get a facelift in an effort to maintain the class of their fine establishment (it is one of the favorite places for Rita & I to dine at.)

Among the many things that Walkers did for their facelift was to have Troy refinish his previous work, a bar and tapas table. These are spectacular pieces and it was a relief to see they kept them. They also commissioned Troy for another table and art piece to display on the dining room wall. 

The Billings Gazette covered the remodel of Walker's Grill in the embedded news video, and it is a great way to see Troy's work. As you watch the video, pay particular attention to the woodwork and furnishings, both featured and in the background, to see what he brings to the atmosphere of the restaurant.

You can also visit Troy's website,  Blockhorse Design, to see more of his unique and creative vision for furniture and furnishings.


 If you are looking for a place to dine where amazing food and service are complimented by a great environment featuring Troy's work, check out Walker's Grill in downtown Billings, MT.