ACW Featured in Core77 Article

I got an email from a friend who is a graphic designer in Portland, he was excited to see an article about my site and design video in Core77. Well, I was pretty excited too since I had no idea they covered anything about my site or video content.

The subject of the article was my video that shares how I get design inspiration. It is one of the most frequent questions I get, and so I covered some of the basic things I do to keep myself inspired and how to interpret what I am looking at. 

You can watch the video below and check out the article at Core77. Also be sure to bookmark them as a great site for design ideas and insight, especially if you are self-taught like me. Core77 is one of the premiere sites covering the world of design, to be specific, industrial design. 

OK - I gotta head back out to the shop and get this last project finished up so I can focus on launching the American Craftsman Shop Class;)

Your friend in the shop-

Todd A. Clippinger

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Tips for Designing & Finding Inspiration

In this video I share the habits I have that allow me to keep finding inspiration, recording those ideas, and developing the designs. For an example, I share how I turned a Japanese torii gate into a stairwell barrier, bucking the standard design of newell posts, balusters, and handrail. 

While the subject of designing can get pretty deep, and pretty ridiculous when people want to sound like an exclusive high-end artist, the things I share are simple and down to earth. I share the habits that I have in my daily life, how I look at things, and process them into a project design. This video is just chock full of gold nuggets!

I hope you find this video helpful, inspirational, and that it motivates you into action. Because in the end, it really comes down to DOING - so get out there and be creative!

A special thanks to my friends for being a part of the video. 

Your friend in the shop-

Todd A. Clippinger

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Design Article For WOOD Magazine

The October 2013 issue of WOOD Magazine is now on the stands and inside you will find my latest article. 

One of the most frequent questions I receive is how do I get inspiration for my designs. This is also a topic the editors at WOOD Magazine get requests for, so they asked if I would share a page on how I get inspiration for design. 

Design Inspiration Article for Oct 2013 Issue of WOOD Magazine p.22

The topic of design and getting inspiration can actually become a pretty lengthy topic and a very complex one which can easily fill a book. But we boiled it down to some simple take-away points that you can apply to your routine.

If you think getting inspiration and designing has to be complicated and requires a formal education, I challenge you to think again. I have no formal training and am self-taught. I think that many things come down to not what you are looking at but rather how you are looking at them. I also think there are some habits you can develop that will help you hold onto your ideas for immediate development and for use in the future.  

So be sure to check out my latest article in the October 2013 issue of WOOD Magazine for tips on getting inspiration. 

The current issue has two covers so it may not look like the one that I have. One of my friends sent me the cover image from the one he received so keep an eye out for either one.

The October issue of WOOD Magazine features 2 different covers so keep an eye for either one. 

I am pretty excited to share this article with everyone in the woodworking community. It is my 3rd woodworking article in less than one year with WOOD Magazine: November 2012, America's Best Home Workshops, and October 2013. I am on a roll!

3 articles of woodworking tips in less than one year with WOOD Magazine: Nov 2012, America's Best Home Workshops 2013, and Oct 2013.

Happy Designing!

Your friend in the shop- 

Todd A. Clippinger

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