ACW T-Shirts Have Shipped!

Thank You!

Thanks to all that ordered an ACW T-shirt, I really appreciate your support!

My screen printer could not guarantee printing would be done before Christmas. So when I got the email early in the morning, I made sure I was down at the print shop as soon as they opened to pick them up so I could get them out right away. 

The shirts were shipped out on Thursday, December 22 by USPS flat-rate priority so they should get to you pretty quick.

Another Order In The Future

If you did not get an ACW shirt, but are interested, I will be doing another order of ACW shirts in the future. I have not picked a time yet, it may depend on the amount of interest generated from this order. 

I will also be looking into print on demand services so that they are available to order 24/7 for convenience. I just need to take the time to do that. 

Thanks again for those that ordered, your shirts will be arriving soon!

Your friend in the shop-

Todd A Clippinger

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