Building A Rustic Office

The current project I am working on is to build an office desk, cabinets, and gun cabinets from 10"x10" doug fir beams left over from the construction of a timber frame home. The beams are about 10 years old.

Kania Office SketchUp Drawing

SketchUp Drawing for a rustic office.

I cut the beams to length and took them in to have rough milled.

Cutting Beams To Length

Cutting beams to rough length in the field.

The pith was nearly in the center on everyone of them so it rendered quartersawn material.

Bunk Of Beams Stacked In Shop

Quartersawn beams stacked for drying and acclimating in the shop.

The material has been drying and acclimating since the end of December. The wood has varying moisture content levels. The outer part of the beams are dryer and stock from the center to 2/3 out range from 21-24%. 

Stock Milled to Rough Size

Stock rough milled and stickered to dry.

So far I have glued up the desk top and several panels for the shelving and doors, this creates stock panels to work with. This has been challenging material to work with and the percentage of material loss is higher than normal. It certainly does not behave like kiln dried stock.

Cutting Biscuit Slots

Cutting biscuit slots for panel glue up.

I like using the Stacking Clamps because you can glue up several panels in a single footprint because they store vertically while drying.

Glueing Up Panels

Gluing up cabinet panels.

That's all for now. Be sure to stop back often.

Your friend in the shop - Todd A. Clippinger 

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