Spring Is Here!

Backyard winterI am so thankful for the longer days and warmer temps. The snow is gone, the grass is getting green and I have been continually working with the shop doors open. 

Billings is kind of in a unique position with the weather patterns. Most of the moisture gets dumped in the mountains just west of us and most of the cold weather coming down from Canada hits just east of us. We continually catch an upswelling of warm air from the southwest that peaks right in our area. We live in this bubble of warm air. I guess that makes us the Billings Bubble People.


Backyard SpringI have this incredible view out my backyard of the sandstone cliffs that rise from the banks of the Yellowstone River. These are referred to as the "rims" which is short for rimrock. There is a nature preserve on top of the rims that allows a person to hike all around with the most amazing views.

I have been in Billings since '91 and it is a major change from where I grew up in Ohio.


Spring is here and the doors are open.

The scenery in my backyard and the area around town is often inspirational enough to spark ideas. I find that many of my random thoughts and solutions come together when Rita and I walk the dogs or go hiking on the rims.

The last few days of working in the shop with the doors open has been the epitome of a woodworker's dream. The weather is gorgeous and I am working with the doors and windows open. As I am milling material and making cuts, I get an occasional visit from our two dogs Cookie and Bella. I am living the dream and it is just that good.


CookieWell, time to head back out to the shop. Remember you can't live dream if you don't spend time in the shop.

Your friend in the shop, Todd A. Clippinger.

Peace, Love, & Woodworking