Poppin' Fresh Vacuum Press!

I Just Had To Share The Excitement!

I was getting ready to pull a project out of the vacuum press and I decided this would be the perfect time to shoot a test video for my new audio equipment. Besides that, popping the vacuum press open is one of my favorite moments in the shop - and now you get to share in it!

In this video, I do not get specifically into the step-by-step of bent lamination and using the vacuum press, but it is highly informative. You will get to see the actual moment a project is pulled out of the vacuum press and the information I share is good context based, working knowledge for bent lamination procedure and product.

This video shows a good example of how a vacuum press might be used. The vacuum press is a great tool to have in the shop. It has opened many doors for me since it allows for easy clamping of projects in a way that standard clamps cannot. The vacuum press really made veneer work a much more simple and lower risk procedure in my shop. 


VacuPress MachineNo doubt you will be asking for the following links so here they are for your further research!

Vacuum Press Machines (I did not see exactly my model, it is a few years old but there are some similar.) 

Veneer Glue: Unibond 800 

Wiggle Wood: Packard Forest Products

More FLexible Sheet Products That I Like: Kerfcore

Nick Brygidyr recommended another bending plywood that looks to be of high quality: Italian Bending Poplar. Be sure to check out Nick's site he does some nice work!

Hope you enjoy! Your Friend in the Shop-

Todd A. Clippinger

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A Rough Day Shooting Video

It Ain't Always Easy...

I have been pretty anxious to get out more video, especially after all the effort I have invested in the infrastructure for creating better videos.

Well things did not go smooth for this video. I started out by setting a record for the number of takes to get a clean 1st scene. I don't know why my mind really kept dropping off. (I have a lot of crap rattling around up there.)

The next thing to happen was that after I got rolling on the video recording, I quit checking the playbacks very often because I felt comfortable everything was going OK. I have had an especially difficult time dialing in my audio, but after playing back a handful of shots I felt confident everything was recording good. 

Boy, was I wrong. I knew that I was not dealing with a quality wireless mic system and that this was actually part of the problem. Well, that system really puked out on me altogether while recording. 

Making Lemonade From Lemons

This was extremely disappointing, shooting video is very time intensive and this all equals wasted time. I was left with only 2 good scenes, but only 1 that had a good piece of woodworking advice. The other scene merely shared the application for my bent lamination to create context.

Other than that I just had the numerous outtake shots. OK, I figured, let's just make some lemonade out of lemons and so I put this video together. 

So the video is basically a blooper reel but part of the good shot is at the end that has a real solid piece of woodworking advice. It is a principle that I exercise in my own shop.

I call the video "Crap to Gold Nuggets" and you will see why.

I have a new wireless system ordered & on the way. Hope you enjoy!

Your friend in the shop,

Todd A. Clippinger

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