Yes - Another Card Scraper Video

Haven't Card Scrapers Been Covered Enough Already?

The simple answer is NO.

The following video by fellow woodworker Brian Havens has to be the best I have seen on card scrapers. Why? Because Brian has made the first video I have seen that acknowledges there are several ways to sharpen a card scraper and that they all are legitimate.

This is not a detailed dissertation on any one method of sharpening, but it covers a variety of methods in their basic principles. To be honest, Brian gives more than enough information to get a person going on card scrapers. Even with an hour long detailed video, people still have to get hands on with the scraper and figure it out for themselves. A longer video does not necessarily mean you will figure it out faster. 

Brian not only shares the principles and techniques of sharpening, he talks about the value of each sharpening method and points out that they all have a place.

To decide which method to use, he considers the return on investment. If a person wants to scrape finish off a board, only a rough burr is required. If a person wants to eliminate sanding altogether, then a fine burr will need to be turned to produce the finest surface.

Brian Havens has also produced other fine videos for woodworkers and has a great portfolio. Be sure to check out his site at Brian Havens, Woodworker. 

Thanks for another great video production Brian!

Grab some popcorn, sit back, and enjoy the show...

In the following video you can see how I sharpen my card scrapers. This is the method that I figured out and still use today in my shop.

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