Guess Who's In The Latest Issue of WOOD Magazine:)

An Article on Design & Prototypes

The current issue of WOOD Magazine (May 2014, Issue 225) has a good article on designing projects and building prototypes. The article contains 6 points on the process of taking a project through the design and prototyping, to a finished project. 

"How Do You Do It In Your Shop Todd?"

The staff at WOOD Magazine asked me to contribute information on how I design and use prototypes. For the article they ended up using a picture of me building a full-scale cardboard fireplace for a client, and a key quote for the side-bar titled "5 Must-Know Design Principles. 

I give kudos to the staff at WOOD Magazine, the article is practical and accurate in depicting the design and prototyping process. It lays out the steps that I use as a professional in designing and building a project for clients. So Kudos to the staff at WOOD Magazine for a great article that shares how it is really done. 

WOOD Magazine May 2014, Issue 225 Article on Designing & Prototypes

I Share in Great Company!

I was pretty excited to see that I share in great company with this issue. Friend and fellow woodworking blogger, Matt Vanderlist from Matt's Basement Workshop, has written an article for this same issue's "Unvarnished: Straight talk from the WOOD-wide Web." Matt shares some gold nuggets for the growing woodworker.

In fact, what Matt shares are exactly the lessons that I learned in my own journey as a woodworker and craftsman. I believe that what he shares is a valuable read for every woodworker and you should check it out. 

Also be sure to visit Matt's website: Matt's Basement Workshop. He is a prolific woodworking blogger and I am sure you will enjoy what he shares with the woodworking community. 

Matt Vanderlist writes a great article for "Unvarnished."

Be sure to check out the latest issue of WOOD Magazine, it is slated to stay on the store shelves until May 6, 2014.  As always, they have some great articles by some great guys;)

Your friend in the shop-

Todd A. Clippinger

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