What Is A Gravity Clock?

I have been cramming to learn so much stuff at the computer, I decided it was time to take a break and get back into the shop when a good client asked me to build some more display cases for his antique gravity clocks. 

I have been posting the builds on Instagram, and one of the questions that has been coming up from those that follow me is, "What is a gravity clock?" So I decided to do a quick video. 

In the picture below you can see one of the display cases I built in the client's home as well as some of my previous work in the background to the left. There are 3 floating shelves loaded with antique clocks. 

The stick laying at an angle is a ramp for a rolling gravity clock. Another contractor made that last year and I will be making another one since that one has twisted. I will be sure to make a video of that as I need to work the bugs out of my own video workflow and process. 

I have been posting a lot on Instagram as I build these. If you want to follow along with what is happening, check out my Instagram account and give a follow. I am not only posting pictures, but with IG's new 1 minute length on video clips, I am able to share really great tips as I build projects. 

Your friend in the shop-

Todd A. Clippinger

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