Why SawStop Demonstrations Don't Impress Me

I have seen the SawStop demonstration with the hot dog a dozen times. 

But I always felt that it was done under premium conditions to ensure that it worked properly with optimal results. 

At several of the SawStop presentations, I had questioned the demonstrators about what would happen if someone was wearing a glove and it got caught in the blade.

I requested that they place the hot dog in a glove so we could see the results.

My request was always denied and I was always told, "You shouldn't wear gloves at the table saw." 

Well, I live in the real world. Where other contractors are on my equipment, we work in harsh conditions, and I can't keep control of everyone every time they use the table saw.

So, even though it is unsafe, contractors wear their gloves at the table saw all the time. That is the reality.

My local cabinet hardware supplier, A&H Turf, recently became an authorized SawStop dealer and so I made the request to them and they took me up on it. 

This video shows how far a SawStop will drag the glove into the machine before it kicks off. 

I am fortunate to have A&H Turf just 3 miles from my house and shop, but you can also check them out online at AHTurf.com

If you ever call or order from them, you will be dealing with the same guys that I do. They don't outsource the online orders.

I hope you enjoy my version of the SawStop test. 

Your friend in the shop, 

Todd A. Clippinger

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