Check Out the ACW in WOOD Mag's Workshop Jigs, Tips & Ideas 2014

I was standing in the checkout line at Lowe's the other day and picked up a copy of WOOD Magazine's latest special publication "Workshop Jigs, Tips & Ideas 2014." While perusing through, I found myself on page 58 giving some tips from my shop! 

This is actually an article that I had written for an earlier issue of WOOD Magazine and they had recycled it into a special publication issue focusing on tips & ideas for the shop (just as the title describes of course.)

I like the special publications various woodworking magazines print even though they are simply recycling the articles. The reason I like them is, if you are not a subscriber to any certain magazine, it is a good way to get information focused on a single topic, just as this one offers a nice collection of tips for the shop.

The special publications often focus on a single style of furniture such as Shaker or Craftsman, or it may be a type of furniture such as built-ins and bookcases. It does not matter that the article was published in a previous issue, the information is still relevant and you are getting a series of articles focusing on a single topic rather than having the information spread out over several issues. 

In this issue I am part of a larger article where 4 of us in small, one-man shops give tips that we really use everyday. As I was reading through the rest of the issue, I did note that there actually was a lot of good information on finishing, storage, and using the main tools such as the table saw and bandsaw.

So, as I was reading it in the checkout line, by the time I hit the cash register I decided to buy it and finish reading it at home. I think you will enjoy it if you can find one. I am on page 58 but there is also whole magazine of great information if you check it out for yourself.

Your friend in the shop,

Todd A. Clippinger

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