Testing-Testing 1-2-3

You will notice changes to my site. 

I'm Working On It!

I am in the process of changing from the SquareSpace 5 platform I have been using to the new SquareSpace 6 platform. And this is my first entry on the new SS6 platform!

SquareSpace 6 is entirely re-written over version 5 so I am learning a whole new platform. I really liked SS5, but can see the benefits of using the new SS6, so I made the move. 

You will notice that the site is stripped down to the basic Blog page and About page. While I test drive the various templates, I want to deal with the least amount of details possible. So for the moment, pages will come and go, but everything will be back in the near future. 

Since I will be testing different templates you will see changes in the overall style once in a while. I am not only learning a new website platform, but I am also planning site layout so that it is clean and easy to navigate.

So, I have a few things to learn and all of this is going on while still running my business and trying to get content out for the woodworkers.

That is all I have for now, I just wanted to give everyone a heads up while I learn the new SS6. I even posted a photo just so I could try it. The image shows me working on the planer just as I am working on my website.

I appreciate any comments and feedback that I may consider, and it will also give me an opportunity to try the interaction experience on the new platform.

Thanks for your patience!