The ACW Store Is Now OPEN!

I am very excited to announce that the ACW Store is now open and the first thing to hit the shelves are ACW Hats. I have some woodworking plans being developed at this time and you will be seeing them in the near future.

The purchase of an ACW hat helps me defray the costs of running the site and producing videos. Your purchase provides direct support to helping me keep the ball rolling with content.

My goal is to bring many more videos and plans to the woodworking community with my perspective as a professional woodworker and juried artist for my craftsmanship and design. You can check out my YouTube Channel and projects in the Gallery to get an idea of the experience that I have to share.

American Craftsman Workshop Hats come in dark brown, khaki, olive drab, dark green, and dark blue

As many of you already know, I get the grandkids involved in the shop (yes - grandkids.) It is less about making woodworkers out of them, but rather, to allow them to be creative. This just happens to involve, well... woodworking:) 

Since I get the grandkids involved, I couldn't say "NO" when they wanted me to get a hat that had flames on it. It was pretty much one of those eye rolling moments when they picked it, but now I offer the ACW Blue Flame Hat thanks to the grandkids. They come at a lower price point, I only have a few of them, and I will be using any funds from those hats to buy more supplies for the kids. They go through hot glue sticks like crazy.

The ACW hats are already starting to get out and see the world. They have gone to various states, Canada, and even Japan.

Check out the photos ACW Hat owners have sent in. If you buy an ACW Hat I would love it if you sent in an image of it near a city sign, against a city skyline, at a woodworking show or especially if it visits a big landmark. 

That's all for now, be sure to check out the store page and support the American Craftsman Workshop with your purchase. And let me know of any issues on the store since I just launched it, I would really appreciate it. 

I have exciting news coming this weekend so stay tuned!

Your friend in the shop-

Todd A. Clippinger

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