Help Support Garage Woodworks

If you haven't heard of Brian Grella or Garage Woodworks, then you are missing out!

Brian has been creating woodworking videos a good 4 years now at his site Garage Woodworks. I have been following Brian for most of those years, and have had some good exchanges with him since we both make videos. I consider him to be a genuine "Share the Love-Share the Knowledge" kind of guy.

Brian's editing and content is great as he shares with the woodworking community. But he has only been shooting in standard def. Now he is looking to upgrade his video camera equip to high-def to deliver better video and he is asking for our support. 

With Brian's consistent track record of producing woodworking videos and his efforts to energize the woodworking community, I believe in what he does and have chosen to support him in his efforts to raise funds for a new camera. To me, this is just a great way to say "Thanks Man!" for all he has brought us. I encourage you to join me with a contribution. Supporting him is easy at his gofundme page.

If there is any doubt about what Brian has been delivering to the woodworking community, check out his website Garage Woodworks and go through his videos. And by visiting his site you will also find that he has a number of other resources available such as conversion charts and wood movement calculators that woodworkers will find helpful. 

Your friend in the shop-

Todd A. Clippinger

Share the Love-Share the Knowledge