Time to Refocus On Sharing Quality Woodworking Posts and Quitting Social Networks

FaceBook - I Quit! 

I have been juggling a lot between work, posting blogs (which I am falling behind due to work load), and posting to social accounts like FaceBook and Twitter so everyone can follow my journey of projects and life as a professional woodworker & contractor.  

As I look at the efficiency of work flow and daily life flow, I finally realized how bad FaceBook was sucking my time and energy, so I quit today and I felt an immediate relief. I could no longer take the onslaught of constant requests for "Likes", and follows, and people sharing things with me I really didn't give a CRAP about.

I actually enjoyed following a number of people. I would pop over to their page and check in on them as I pleased, usually without leaving a comment. But too many people were forcing me to look at their posts by tagging me and I had to keep changing settings for them and it became a game of Whack-A-Mole so I've just had it and I quit. 

I Have Lost My Way... 

One of the other things I came to realize is that FaceBook had become a microblog and I really should be sharing all of those things HERE for everyone to enjoy. That was the purpose of this site. I have lost my focus and lost my way with being involved in social media.

Woodworkers very much enjoy what I share here, but they don't enjoy irregular posts and periods of long silence from the American Craftsman Workshop.

FaceBook is certainly quick and easy to use, which is a part of their hook. But my entries can wait until the evening when I can sit down at the computer and take a little longer to post something more thoroughly and meaningful on this site, which again, was supposed to be dedicated to sharing my woodworking experience and knowledge through real projects that I build for my clients. 

Twitter - You Are On Notice Too

I am considering putting Twitter on the chopping block too. I find it excruciating when I get involved in a conversation to explain something in entries limited to 140 characters. I find it as pleasant as rubbing my elbow on a cheese grater.

I think trying to have a gathering  of people to discuss woodworking with Twitter as the platform is one of the worst ideas ever. You CANNOT have a meaningful discussion in 140 characters especially when most of those characters are consumed by hashtags. I will no longer subject myself to this insanity. 

In fact, as I even type out this paragraph. I realize I am done with Twitter too. I will be closing that account as soon as I post this entry. I feel as if I am dropping another great burden.  

A New Committment  

I am refocusing my energy to sharing all of the good tidbits of woodworking information right here to keep the ACW site flowing with woodworking nutrition. I will no longer be wasting my time with FaceBook, in fact that account is now closed.

I don't really care what the statistics say about FB and Twitter. I believe that quality content and keeping a good flow of posts is the best base for building a solid website dedicated to sharing woodworking. 

I am but one man, with a limited number of hours in a day. Social Media is splitting me in too many directions and causing me to lose my focus.  

Stay tuned for more regular and meaningful content. Not the watered down swill that I have been sharing on the social media outlets. What a waste of my life. 

UPDATE: Both my FaceBook and Twitter accounts are closed and there is a tremendous sense of freedom. 

Your friend in the shop-

Todd A. Clippinger

Share the Love-Share the Knowledge