Greene & Greene Furniture: Poems Of Wood & Light

I can hardly wait...

A few days ago I ordered a new book titled Greene & Greene Furniture: Poems Of Wood & Light by David Mathias. I held off from ordering it because once I officially placed my order the impatience would set in. Now I am like a kid waiting for Christmas morning.

My woodworking has it's roots in remodeling. As I did design research for my remodeling business, I became acquainted with the well-known Craftsman and Prairie style structures and furnishings.

I also discovered these really cool homes called the "Ultimate Bungalows" by Charles & Henry Greene. Like the aforementioned styles, not only was there an architectural application, but also amazing furniture and furnishings were designed to complement the homes as well. I have since been captivated by this design style.

Since I am constrained in my projects by client's needs and what is appropriate for their house, I do not have anything in my portfolio that directly reflects the Greene & Greene style, but the influence is still there in my thought process. My wish list of projects, should I get to build them, will reveal what Greene & Greene influence has been bottled up inside of me. 

So, on to the book...

The author, David Mathias, may sound familiar to many woodworkers and for good reason, he has authored a number of articles for Popular Woodworking covering Greene & Greene projects and details. 

What excites me about this book is that David is covering a lot of the intimate details and construction of the Greene & Greene style with a furniture maker's perspective. A quick look at the Table of Contents at his site leaves me drooling like a Pavlovian dog wanting the juicy treats.

The sneak preview of photos further elevates my anticipation. It is clear that this book will be full of amazing photographs. As a person interested in design, there is nothing like a book full of great images for referencing and inspiration.

David was kind enough to send me the photos from the book and allow me to use them to share with you guys. (Thanks Dave;)

The book should be coming out in the first week of September. If you are interested in ordering a copy, especially a signed copy like I did, check out David's site he has set up for his book: 

More to come from David...

Not only has David written for Popular Woodworking, but he also has been published in Style 1900. He has another article coming out in November's issue of Style 1900 and be sure to keep an eye on future issues of American Bungalow and Arts & Crafts Homes And The Revival. He has some articles coming in the next year or so with these publications. It won't be too hard for me to watch for his articles, I read all of these magazines anyway:)

If you are interested in participating in conversations with other Greene & Greene aficionados, David is pretty active at Yahoo's Greene & Greene Style Furniture Group. Another name you will recognize at the Yahoo group is Darrell Peart.  What I love about these guys is that they "Share the Love~Share the Knowledge."

In A Nutshell...

I can’t give a review of the book because I don’t have my copy yet. What I can see at his site in photos and blog content looks pretty promising, that is why I can hardly wait to get my copy.

I love my books, they are my favorite tool, and I am just really excited about a new book covering the Greene & Greene works from a furniture maker’s perspective and an authority in the field of arts & crafts furniture.

Stop by David's site and check it out for yourself at 

Disclaimer: I paid for my copy, it is not a freebie or "freebie for review" so I am not swayed by a give-away nor was I compensated for anything I have shared here, it was out of pure personal excitement for this book.

One more cool thing, David made a video trailer for the book.

Your friend in the shop,

Todd A. Clippinger

"Books are my favorite tool."