Coming Around...

A Dilemma

OK, so this year I went from famine to feast. Between cramming too many jobs together (even though they were "smaller") and due to events that were out of my control, my schedule turned into a train wreck. 

While I was pondering the solution to my dilemma, a job offer fell into my lap. This job was appealing for reasons that many take for granted - controlled work hours. 

I have other ambitions than just remodeling, I have a lot to offer the woodworkers and I am putting some things together. I could work on these things when work was slow, but as I got in over my head with remodel work I had ZERO time to develop my ideas. 

The Solution

The solution was to get help or take the job. I took the job. I am afraid that if I got help, I would just take on more work anyway and not use it to my advantage to get my hours under control. 

I see my schedule loosening up and I will get back to blog entries with information that woodworkers crave. Until then you can follow me on Facebook and Twitter.

Don't Be Hatin'!

Now, I know that many of you don't like the social sites like FB and Twitter, but they have become very important for me lately. They have become the means by which I have been able to feed my need to share. The things that I post may change your mind about Facebook and Twitter. In my case, Twitter is cross-linked to FB and so what you see there came from Twitter anyway.

I am sharing mostly from my phone and I am sharing a lot of snapshots from jobsites and the shop. The entries are little snippets of real life from a real pro in the field and in the shop.

For a sample of the images and information that you will see, visit my Twitpic album.  I am posting images DAILY!

I also figured out how to record and post video from my phone so you will see videos occasionally. You can check one of them out at YFrog. Videos are from my phone and only 1 minute or less in length but are fun to grab tidbits of info from.

So thanks for hanging in there. I will get back to more substantial entries, editing unfinished video, and updating you on some projects that I kept. Having a job means TIME for the woodworkers.

Your Friend in the Shop,

Todd A. Clippinger

Trying to Share the Love & Share the Knowledge