Gasp - Coming Up For Air!

Famous Last Words...

In my last entry, I made a statement to the effect that I didn't need help. The few days after making that statement made me realize how foolish I was, especially as I started getting more calls. Sometimes, expressing a thought out loud allows me to realize how stupid it sounds. 

I have been working anywhere from 15 to 18 hours a day, 7 days a week - this is no exaggeration. In a couple of instances I worked through the night and only got a nap for an hour or two in a 41 hour period.

Sometimes I don't really sleep, I just pass out from fatigue. I often fall asleep when I take a dinner break. I sit down to watch the local evening news while I eat, but then I wake up 40 minutes later with a painful neck ache and a plate of cold food. Once again, I fell asleep while eating and watching the news... back to the shop.

The last couple of nights I finished working by 9 pm but thought that I better spend some time with Rita, not on the computer so that is why you haven't seen me around. My wife is a true "shop widow" and I have missed her company.

Big changes have been made and I will follow up with details. 

Right now I am supposed to be placing an online order for hardware but thought that I would sneak in an entry to let you know I am still alive.

Your friend in the shop - Todd A. Clippinger

Peace, Love, and for Pete's sake control your time in the shop Woodworking and spend some time with your wife!