Juggling With Knives

Learn To Juggle - Safely

I never have only one job going at a time. I have learned how much I can safely handle and it is usually one big job with 2 or 3 small, flexible filler jobs. Only having one job on the table at time does not keep solid cash flow, but getting too many jobs and only showing your face every now and then does not work either. It is essential that you only take on what you can actually work on.

It is like juggling with knives, it is inherently risky but there is a comfort level having a certain number of them in the air. There is an efficiency in the timing and flow of the action. But it is a risk nonetheless and it does not take much to upset that balance resulting in numerous lacerations.

I ran into a timing calamity the last couple weeks with getting sick (pretty certain pneumonia) and Rita's patience ran out on the bathroom project I started and never finished (from 5 years ago.) I certainly can't blame her for wanting a project completed around the house, she has been long suffering in getting sloppy seconds on my time and talent as I do work for everybody else. This crunch on projects has left no time to post at the ACW or anywhere else.

Stinkin' Wife Part 2 

New toilet and paint, get the message?(I actually have her permission to use this.) In the first Stinkin' Wife entry, Rita brought home a kayak for me. In Stinkin' Wife part 2, Rita brought home a new toilet and paint. Her message was pretty clear even though I tried to ignore it and delay it further, that wasn't happening.

As a remodeling contractor, I often see couples at odds on many of the decisions that must be made during the remodeling process. My advice to the husband is always "When Momma's Happy - Everybody's Happy." I realized now it was time to take my own advice and so I buckled down and got the bathroom done...well, almost.

I made new trim, installed a new toilet, primed, painted 2 colors, and reinstalled the temporary vanity. The "almost" is that I did not get the door painted or the vanity built. I will be designing and building a new vanity and tall cabinet in the future, that will get covered here at the ACW, and I better get the door painted soon. (I shudder to think of the consequences if this doesn't happen.)

The 100% Contractor

Installing new trim.

One thing that I have noticed is how many contractors are good up to 95% completion and then they seem to stop. I am really good at finishing up that last 5%. It is difficult for most guys because it is time consuming details, but I am a detail oriented person so I am good at the home run.

This is an accurate statement for my business clients, but not for my personal home projects. I am solid with the quality, it is just that I never finish anything on my own house.This is often pointed out when Rita visits my jobsites and comments "Oh, you can finish a project." Yes, point well taken and I deserved that.

Being the 100% contractor at home is definitely something that I will have to work on. 

Time Is Running Out!

Just a quick reminder, Scott Morrison has placed his DVD and template bundle "Building an Elegant Rocking Chair" on sale through April 30th so there is just 2 days left to save.

Scott Morrison DVDWhen you place the order, use the "Captain Clippinger" discount code to save $50. The bundle is normally $185 and you can get the two together for $135. That is a pretty good savings on a great instructional DVD plus the full size template.

I have the DVD and it is a good one. The video and audio are good and Scott is an excellent instructor. It feels like he is giving you a personal lesson in his shop. 

His videos have a very comprehensive layout and that makes the information easy to digest and understand. This is where many woodworking videos fail and where Scott excels.

Be sure to mention the "Captain Clippinger" discount to get in on the $50 savings on the DVD and template bundle for Building an Elegant Rocking Chair. This offer ends April 30, 2010.

You can order it at FineWoodworker.com and see all the other offerings Scott has. 

That is all for now.

Your friend in the shop  - Todd A. Clippinger

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