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I have added a few more images and details to the Shop page. It seems like I think of something new to add every day to the Shop gallery. I know that is a big favorite for the viewers and there is a lot to share so I am sure that for a while content will be changing and added to on that page.

3 Fire Extinguishers for the ACWOne of the most important things that I added was the fire extinguishers and their layout. I can't stress enough how important this overlooked item is in the shop. I watched the neighbors garage get hosed down on the inside when he set it on fire while welding. 

The neighbor did have a small fire extinguisher that he used initially, but it emptied fast and the fire popped back to life leaving him empty handed. The shop was too far from the house for the garden hose to reach. ACW Fire Extinguisher Layout

After seeing what happened to him I went to the big box store right away and purchased 3 fire extinguishers. I placed them strategically in my shop to allow for an easy, quick access. 

Everybody's placement for extinguishers will be different, but I have provided a map of my shop to give you an idea of how my extinguishers are located. You will notice that I have placed 2 for easy access from the 2 entry points and one that is more in the center of the shop. 

I think that it is important for everyone to have fire extinguishers in the shop, but especially so if the shop is in the house or attached to the house. The cost of a $60 fire extinguisher greatly outweighs the cost of what can be lost if you do not have at least one.

Interview With Scott Morrison

I have a lot of work to do on the video interview with Scott Morrison. I have a good 70 minutes of chat time with Scott so I have some editing to do and I need to break it into segments that will fit the 10 minute/2 GB limits of YouTube.  

You will really enjoy hearing Scott share his story and business advice. There is a lot of gold nuggets that he shares in our conversation.

It sounds like Scott is coming up with another special deal on furniture plans so stay tuned. He also just announced more video plans that he is coming out with. You can see them at here at

I have a couple of his videos, they are well made and very comprehensive. The furniture that he makes can be intimidating, but when you watch the videos, you think "Oh heck, I can do that." It is like he is giving you a personal lesson as he gives instruction in the videos.

Moving On...

I really need to get work going this morning so I can get some edit time in tonight. Enough taunting you with promises, time for production.

Your friend in the shop, Todd A. Clippinger

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