The Start of a New Venture...

This is the first blog entry for my new site and blog "The American Craftsman Workshop." 

My goal is to provide good nutritional information to wood workers by sharing my experience and knowledge. I hope that the projects I post will provide inspiration for your own work.

The site is currently under construction and constant changes will be occurring over the next few months as I try different formats before I settle into a comfortable one. There is a lot of content to add. I have lots of pictures and videos to edit and upload. The text will be written with all the juicy information that wood workers desire to know about the projects.

This is going to be a vast departure from my current site which operates primarily as an online portfolio for my clients, it is a static site and not really geared toward the woodworker. Clients are interested in seeing a brief overview of the construction process, but woodworkers want to know it all! This site will allow me to focus my attention on delivering an unlimited amount of the details for each project.

I hope to provide an easy to navigate site that is uncluttered and does not bombard visitors with advertisement. Everyone already knows where to buy tools and supplies, I aim to provide a site free from the commercial advertising assaults common to most.

I also have furniture plans that I will be making available later in 2010. These will be the means of support for the site and will also allow you to build some of the great projects that I have designed for my clients. I have often been asked if I had plans available for my furniture projects and I intend to get these out to you guys.

I have a lot of work ahead of me so I better get back to work!

Your friend in the shop:)

Share the Love~Share the Knowledge