New Interviews From Andy Chidwick

Andy Chidwick, the Woodworking Coach, just released a couple of new interview videos from the Woodworking Shows.

First, the guys from 360 Woodworking gave Andy some of their time to let us all in on what's happening with their new venture. Then, Roland Johnson, from Fine Woodworking, gave a nice interview on what he is teaching at the shows. 

I talked to Andy and he has plans to get more interviews out from the shows, so keep an eye out for them at his channel The Woodworking Coach. 

You can catch Andy Chidwick on tour with the Woodworking Shows, he gives a great class on sculpting furniture. Check out the Woodworking Show schedule for cities and dates near you. 

I am thoroughly getting my butt kicked on a big remodel project and hope to get some free time to get out some more videos. I actually have footage that I recorded a few months ago that needs editing. Free time is difficult to come by when you have a business, but I really hope to get out more to you guys soon.

Stay tuned!

Your friend in the shop-

New "Featured Maker" series at Wacky Wood Works

 Wacky Wood Works has a new feature that has just started, it is called "Featured Maker." The goal is to throw the spotlight on various creators and share their story of how they got into woodworking, what they make, and a bit of their philosophy from the shop. 

Image and logo property of Wacky Woodworks

Image and logo property of Wacky Woodworks

I was honored to be the first one interviewed to kick off the Featured Maker series. But I don't want to give anything away, you can check out the interview at Wacky Woodworks Featured Maker page. 

I have had Wacky Wood Works in my Links page for some time now. One of the cool things about the internet is that the woodworking community is a global one and the host of Wacky Wood Works, who's online name is Nighthawk, is from New Zealand.

I always find it interesting to get a peak into the shops of people from around the world. Often I find both a mix of familiar and unfamiliar brands of tools as a lot of machinery sold in other countries is not seen here in the American market. 

Getting to see other shops and projects allows us to see differences in philosophies and experience regional dialects in design. But for all of the differences that I find myself looking for, the similarities are stronger and what binds us together as a community. 

No matter where we live, I find that we all share a great love of the craft and desire to help others succeed in their projects by lending experience and advice. All in all, I think the online woodworking community is a generous one and I am glad to be a part of it. 

Be sure to check out Wacky Wood Works and all of Nighthawk's projects. Also be sure to start following the Featured Maker series and get to know the stories of other makers from around the world. 

Your friend in the shop-

Todd A. Clippinger

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Check Out the ACW in WOOD Mag's Workshop Jigs, Tips & Ideas 2014

I was standing in the checkout line at Lowe's the other day and picked up a copy of WOOD Magazine's latest special publication "Workshop Jigs, Tips & Ideas 2014." While perusing through, I found myself on page 58 giving some tips from my shop! 

This is actually an article that I had written for an earlier issue of WOOD Magazine and they had recycled it into a special publication issue focusing on tips & ideas for the shop (just as the title describes of course.)

I like the special publications various woodworking magazines print even though they are simply recycling the articles. The reason I like them is, if you are not a subscriber to any certain magazine, it is a good way to get information focused on a single topic, just as this one offers a nice collection of tips for the shop.

The special publications often focus on a single style of furniture such as Shaker or Craftsman, or it may be a type of furniture such as built-ins and bookcases. It does not matter that the article was published in a previous issue, the information is still relevant and you are getting a series of articles focusing on a single topic rather than having the information spread out over several issues. 

In this issue I am part of a larger article where 4 of us in small, one-man shops give tips that we really use everyday. As I was reading through the rest of the issue, I did note that there actually was a lot of good information on finishing, storage, and using the main tools such as the table saw and bandsaw.

So, as I was reading it in the checkout line, by the time I hit the cash register I decided to buy it and finish reading it at home. I think you will enjoy it if you can find one. I am on page 58 but there is also whole magazine of great information if you check it out for yourself.

Your friend in the shop,

Todd A. Clippinger

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An Informative Surprise in the Mail

Things have been crazy with my business schedule and I just got around to tending my email this morning, which has been building up over the last couple of weeks. Occasionally I find interesting things in my email, and this morning I got one that I thought would be great to share with you guys. It is an infographic about wood shared by Furniture UK. It is pretty informative on the topic of wood and I think you will enjoy it. 

One thing I have noted, is that when information is coupled with good graphics, not only is it more interesting to read, but it makes the information stick a little better in my cluttered head. This infographic is both visually and intellectually interesting. 

I hope you enjoy this infographic titled "Wood's The Difference?" 

I have another video in the hopper that has been recorded and I have been trying to edit. My schedule is very dynamic, sometimes it slows down and sometimes it speeds up so fast I can't keep. Right now things are crazy and I have been working insanely long hours, so stay tuned and I will try to get the video out in another week...or so;)

Your friend in the shop-

Todd A. Clippinger

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Keep Your Eye on 360 Woodworking

It was a major coup, 3 editors, 3 big names in the world of woodworking, leaving Popular Woodworking at the same time and it has really stirred up the woodworking community. 

After a few days of speculation, Bob Lang, Chuck Bender, and Glen Huey released an official statement which I posted in the previous blog entry here.

Along with their statement was a tantalizing link to a new website under construction for 360 WoodWorking. This has generated a lot of buzz among the woodworkers. It is obvious the three kings of woodworking have joined forces to start a new website, but what will it offer and what is it's goal and focus? 

Well, the obvious answer is that it's focus will be on woodworking and woodworkers are their intended audience. But to get more specific answers, the Modern Woodworkers Association interviewed Bob, Chuck, and Glen in their most recent podcast: Meet 360 Woodworking. 

In their interview, the guys share what the goals are for their new venture and what they hope to bring to the woodworkers as they take full advantage of the digital medium and eschew the printed page. 

To find out what they have to say, check out the Modern Woodworker's podcast Meet 360 Woodworking. Also be sure to stop by the 360 Woodworking website where you can sign onto their email list. There are also links on the landing page where you can find them on Twitter and Google+ to follow their updates.

I can hardly wait to see what "woodworking information unleashed" looks like:)

Your friend in the shop-

Todd A. Clippinger

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