Coming Soon!

I am working hard behind the scenes to set up the American Craftsman Shop Class! 

Free YouTube videos tend to provide good entertainment, but most often lack solid information. The only way to get good woodworking information on YouTube is to spend hours poring through short videos sprinkled with just a few gems here and there. 

The American Craftsman Shop Class will allow me to provide high quality content on a platform that allows for the uploading of video, PDF instruction, and plan files all in one location. 

By providing instruction with higher nutritional content, you will gain woodworking knowledge faster and stop wasting time poring over hours of YouTube videos that provide more entertainment value than knowledge. Imagine joining me in the shop and getting a total brain dump of knowledge as we work on a project. 

With the platform I am using, I will have the ability to make changes and updates to plans and video segments, something that is not possible with uploads to YouTube. This allows me to keep you posted with updated and accurate information once you subscribe or purchase a plan. 


The American Craftsman Shop Class will offer paid content and lessons as well as some free content too. Any plan or course you purchase will help provide support for both free content and my ability to develop and share more plans.  

I have been working as a remodeling contractor since '97 and a professional designer-craftsman since '2004. I have authored woodworking articles, am a juried woodworking artist, and have even shown my work in museum exhibitions. 

I have helped countless woodworkers and small contractors with design, construction, and finish problems for several years, and now I will be sharing those years of experience with you in the American Craftsman Shop Class. 

I will still provide free content via YouTube. But for those that chose to join me in the American Craftsman Shop Class, I will make it worth your time;)

Your friend in the shop-

Todd A. Clippinger

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