ACW Shop Layout

Welcome to the American Craftsman Studio and Workshop. People are often curious to see where I do my work. In this page clients and woodworkers alike can take a peak.

Overall outside dimensions of the building are 34'x34' with a 10' 4" ceiling height.

There is a storage room 12'x16' that will be used as a finish room in the future. For now, I am quite effectively operating within 923.8 square feet of shop space.

Key points to functioning in a small shop: 

1. Flexibility of space achieved through mobility.

2. Leave some empty space to work on a project, don’t fill every square foot with tools.     (I know it’s hard to do.)

3. Keep it clean.  I clean my shop everyday.  I also clean throughout the day between operations.  It allows me to think of my next move and regain control of my space.  A clean shop lends itself to safety and efficiency.

4.  I have 3 big fire extinguishers.  I think the cost of a $60 fire extinguisher far outweighs the cost of not having one, or not having one large enough.  I watched the fire department hose down the inside of my neighbor’s garage after it caught fire when he was welding. You might ask him what the value of a fire extinguisher is.

I hope you enjoy the views of my creative space and that it may inspire thoughts for yours.