An Informative Surprise in the Mail!

Things have been crazy with my business schedule and I just got around to tending my email this morning, which has been building up over the last couple of weeks. Occasionally I find interesting things in my email, and this morning I got one that I thought would be great to share with you guys. It is an infographic about wood shared by Furniture UK. 

Yes, no doubt it is part of a larger effort to drive traffic to their site (for those that always point out the obvious) but it pretty informative on then topic of hardwoods, and I think you will enjoy it. 

One thing I have noted, is that information coupled with good graphics not only makes it more interesting to read, but it makes the information stick a little better in my cluttered head too. This is both visually and intellectually interesting. 

I hope you enjoy this infographic titled "Wood's The Difference?" 

I have another video in the hopper that has been recorded and I have been trying to edit. My schedule is very dynamic, sometimes it slows down and sometimes it speeds up so fast I can't keep. Right now things are crazy and I have been working insanely long hours, so stay tuned and I will try to get the video out in another week...or so;)

Your friend in the shop-

Todd A. Clippinger

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Keep Your Eye on 360 Woodworking

It was a major coup, 3 editors, 3 big names in the world of woodworking, leaving Popular Woodworking at the same time and it has really stirred up the woodworking community. 

After a few days of speculation, Bob Lang, Chuck Bender, and Glen Huey released an official statement which I posted in the previous blog entry here.

Along with their statement was a tantalizing link to a new website under construction for 360 WoodWorking. This has generated a lot of buzz among the woodworkers. It is obvious the three kings of woodworking have joined forces to start a new website, but what will it offer and what is it's goal and focus? 

Well, the obvious answer is that it's focus will be on woodworking and woodworkers are their intended audience. But to get more specific answers, the Modern Woodworkers Association interviewed Bob, Chuck, and Glen in their most recent podcast: Meet 360 Woodworking. 

In their interview, the guys share what the goals are for their new venture and what they hope to bring to the woodworkers as they take full advantage of the digital medium and eschew the printed page. 

To find out what they have to say, check out the Modern Woodworker's podcast Meet 360 Woodworking. Also be sure to stop by the 360 Woodworking website where you can sign onto their email list. There are also links on the landing page where you can find them on Twitter and Google+ to follow their updates.

I can hardly wait to see what "woodworking information unleashed" looks like:)

Your friend in the shop-

Todd A. Clippinger

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A Message From Bob Lang, Chuck Bender, and Glen Huey

Over the last few years it has become obvious that the values we have for the craft of woodworking, creating and marketing content, and relations with the audience are not shared by the management of Popular Woodworking and its parent company. When you realize that the boat you’re on isn’t ever going to sail in the direction you want to go to, it is best to get off. And, as when any relationship comes to an end, the public discussion of the details serves no purpose.

There is enough spin and speculation online regarding our departure to warrant a response. To clarify, we resigned our positions as a team and going forward we will be working together as a team. Our decision to leave was not a hasty one, it came after a year and a half of discussing our concerns regarding the brand’s editorial direction and marketing policies with management at all levels of the company. The “restructuring” occurred several months ago, with the departure of Kevin Ireland. While that was a factor, it was not the sole cause. While we have been asked to submit contributions in the future, none of us has accepted that invitation.

We want to thank each and every one of our readers who have taken the time to express their appreciation for our work. We are honored, humbled and dedicated to living up to the things you have said about us. We have decided to move on and we hope that those who enjoy our work will find the next phase of our careers as interesting and exciting as we do. We can be found online at and if you visit the site, you will be in the front row as our plans unfold.

 — Bob LangGlen Huey & Chuck Bender

Nick Pancheau's CNC Table

In this video we visit my good friend Nick Pancheau. Nick has taken one of his side table designs to the next level by adding a textured pattern with a CNC machine and he explains to us the inspiration and process in creating the design. 

You can see Nick's work at Pare Furniture+Design and you can follow him on FaceBook and Instagram.

The project design was inspired by Jeff Martin, a furniture maker from Vancouver,  British Columbia, Canada. Jeff has a great portfolio and is getting awards for his designs. You can check out his work at Jeff Martin Joinery. 

You can also follow Jeff Martin on Instagram. 

I hope you enjoy!

Your friend in the shop,

Todd A. Clippinger

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